Guam - Video, increase in tobacco taxes takes effect April 6, 2010..

April 1,2010 - Governor Felix Camacho officially signed bill 150 or the tobacco tax law into effect on February 5, 2010. In about 60 days (April 6, 2010) from signing cigarettes and other tobacco products will be taxed at $15 dollars per 100 sticks.

VIDEO - New cigarette tax to take effect on April 6th

The current $1 tax on cigarettes will climb to $3 (200 percent increase) and the current $3.50 tax on a pound of snuff will climb to $14. Cigars will be taxed at .40 cents per mini cigar, .44 cents per regular sized cigar, and .50 cents per large cigar. Chewing tobacco will also cost an additional dollar per can.

A significant amount of revenue generated from the tax increase will be deposited into the newly created Guam Cancer Trust Fund to be used by programs that support cancer screenings, treatment, and support services.
Guam, a territory of the United States, had the highest overall prevalence of smoking, at 31.1%. of any U.S. state or territory; United States Male 38.3% and Female 23.1% - Guam: Smoking Rates for Adults by Sex, 2007. Guam..

Tobacco products are a leading cause of lung cancer and lung cancer is the most common cause of death on Guam, according to Pacific Daily News files.

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