Jessica Simpson - addicted to Nicotine Gum..

April 28, 2010 - Everyone has their vices!

Though she has never smoked a cigarette in her life, Jessica Simpson admitted to Jay Leno last night that she has an addiction to nicotine gum!

Um, why????

It all started when one of her brilliant friends gave her a piece when she asked for just regular gum. She truly runs in the most intellectual of circles. She called the flavor "fireworks" and insisted on having more!

According to Simpleton, not only does she love the taste of the stuff, but she also claims it gives her the energy of "three Red Bulls."

Eck! We'd rather drink the Red Bull. That shiz is NASTY! How can you let that stuff be in your mouth?

Hmm, maybe because there have been worse things in there?

We kid, we kid. Nothing can be worse than that gross stuff!

[Image via WENN.]

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