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May 26, 2010 - British American Tobacco, Egypt (BAT), together with the Egyptian Hotel Association (EHA) in Cairo, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at providing hotel guests in Cairo with designated non-smoking and smoking areas.

Based on BAT's global Respecting Choices initiative, the agreement is the third of its kind spearheaded by the company in Egypt, beginning with a MoU signed with the South Sinai Governorate in February 2009 and followed by a similar partnership with the EHA in both Hurghada and Alexandria in late 2009. (Egypt is divided into 29 governorates (singular muhafazah). This designation replaces that of "province.")

"We have seen the success achieved by the project in Hurghada and Alexandria, and we are very excited about what it can accomplish in Cairo," says Mr. Waseem Mohiedin, President of the EHA in Cairo. "The partnership allows for us to cater to all of our guests, in a way that is convenient for both non-smokers and smokers."

The issue of public place smoking is an ongoing one, with environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) a key component of the discussion. Through this project, clear signage will be available in outlets directing both non-smokers and smokers to their respective areas.

The "Respecting Choices" project, implemented by BAT in many countries worldwide, targets ETS through two methods: Segregation, which features both smoking and non-smoking areas in the same room, using airflow to limit the spread of smoke; and Separation, which features smoking rooms or lounges, using walls along with airflow techniques to prevent the smoke from spreading.

Also, in an effort to further expand forestation efforts within Egypt, British American Tobacco, Egypt (BAT), together with the 6th of October Governorate, have officially inaugurated the planting of 5,000 trees within the governorate. (BAT Egypt, 6th of October Governorate Launch Beautification Project,, 5/9/2010)

British American Tobacco Egypt's portfolio currently comprised of four brands - Rothmans, Kent, Viceroy and Dunhill has seen its market share steadily increase since its entry into the market in 2001.

British American Tobacco Revenue by Geographic Region - 2008..

Reference: BAT Egypt, Egyptian Hotel Association sign public place smoking MoU,, 5/24/2010.

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