Finland - govt can not prevent people from smoking in cars when kids are present..

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May 13, 2010 - Back on October 1, 2009 the Finnish government unveiled a bill to ban smoking in cars carrying children as well as in places frequented by children. (Finland - government proposing ban on smoking when kids present and other tobacco control measures..) In January 2010 - the Finns had claimed they were going to end the consumption of tobacco products by 2040. This seems far fetched - "they have to learn to walk the walk if they are going to talk the talk."

We find that smoking inside a private car will continue to be legal in Finland. In this respect at least, the government bill to expand the existing smoking ban will not receive the approval of Parliament. The Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Law says in its report that the ban would penetrate so deeply into people’s private lives that it could only be passed in connection with amendments to the Constitution. More the committee also implies that banning smoking in one’s own car is such a drastic measure that it would not be in correct proportion to the aim of the move, which is to improve the nation’s health. The Committee says in its statement that symbolic lawmaking should be avoided: “There is also reason to suspect that in reality the monitoring of such a ban could not be carried out effectively”.

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Other changes the Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Law wants certain changes to the article in the (law on tobacco) bill that would ban the displaying of tobacco products and brands in retail outlets. The banning of displaying brands and trademarks, in particular, has to do with laws on property protection, the Committee points out. Instead of introducing a total display ban, the Committee feels that the law should be toned down in such a way that a customer could familiarise himself with a catalogue of the available tobacco products and take a separate list of the products with him.

The government had argued that displaying the products could induce impulse buying, especially among those who have decided to quit or are trying to quit smoking.

The new law on tobacco will be put before Parliament once the Parliamentary Social Affairs and Health Committee has finished its report on it.

After the amendment, the sale of tobacco products to individuals under the age of 18 would be illegal. The smoking ban will broaden to include outdoor concerts and hotel rooms.

Reference: Parliament to soften amendment to law on tobacco: smoking in one’s own car not to be outlawed, HELSINGIN SANOMAT

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