Italy - Ducati has removed the white Marlboro bar codes from their Desmosedici GP10 bikes..

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May 21, 2010 - Ducati is proud to represent Italian industry - the essence of Italian style shows through the design of each bike.

The decision was probably taken in accord with Phillip Morris, Ducati’s main sponsor, following weeks of inquiries and complaints regarding subliminal advertising and reference to the tobacco brand on Ferrari’s Formula One cars with Marlboro cigarettes bar code emblazoned on Ferrari’s racing cars.

Ferarri to avoid further controversy and speculation has relunctantly removed the bar code from their cars and in suit so has Ducati, but only on the livery of their bikes, because both Casey Stoner and Nicky Hayden have the “infamous” bar code on the back of their red leathers and on their helmets as do the pit crew members on their shirts.

Reference: MotoGP Le Mans: Ducati Removes Marlboro Bar Codes from their GP10's, posted: by Toni M,, 5/21/2010.