Tobacco Journal International and World Tobacco merge

June 29, 2009 - In order to best serve the needs of the international tobacco industry and its suppliers, DMG Worldmedia (London, UK), organisers of the "World Tobacco" events and publishers of "World Tobacco" magazine, and Konradin Selection (Mainz, Germany), publishers of Tobacco Journal International", are excited to announce a new partnership giving focussed, cohesive access to the world's tobacco markets and a truly integrated platform for the international tobacco community.

From June 2009 "World Tobacco" magazine will no longer be published separately, but will be part of "Tobacco Journal International" (TJI), the world’s premier publication for the industry. "Tobacco Journal International" will become the exclusive publishing partner for the TJI/World Tobacco coalition and will participate in, and support all "World Tobacco" events including forthcoming exhibitions in Asia, the Middle East and India.

All "World Tobacco" publications will, in future, be produced by Konradin Selection as part of the TJI magazine and other publications in TJI’s portfolio. TJI will publish all catalogues and special issues for "World Tobacco" events.

Reference: Tobacco Journal International and World Tobacco merge