Jordan - Pfizer gives anti-smoking awareness lecture for Zain Employees,,

July 27, 2010 - Telecom company Zain Jordan collaborated with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to organize an awareness lecture on smoking, its adverse health effects and the methods for quitting the habit. The lecture was held on Thursday, July 15 2010 at Zain's headquarters in 8th Circle. The lecture is part of the care and various benefits offered by Zain to its employees.

The lecture, which was given by pulmonary specialist Dr. Yousef Nawas and attended by a number of Zain employees, covered substantial background on the issue, including the history of tobacco, in addition to the benefits and methods of quitting smoking. The lecture was followed by a question and answer session which revealed the direct and indirect correlation between cigarette smoking and many of the ailments plaguing our society today.

"Working people are perhaps the prime target of our awareness and anti-smoking campaigns," commented Dr. Sleiman Edeili, Sales Manager at Pfizer Jordan. "The fast-paced, stressful lifestyles mandated by today's work environments make them more prone to addiction, particularly in our culture where the practice is main stream. We are here to inform them that science is continually providing advanced solutions to help them overcome their tobacco addiction."

Pfizer has a longstanding track record in delivering advanced solutions to help smokers overcome their addiction, such as Champix® – the first nicotine-free smoking cessation aid that works to minimize tobacco cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Health Canada and drug maker Pfizer Canada have issued stronger warnings about the smoking cessation medication Champix (sold in the U.S. under the name Chantix) concerned over mounting reports of mood changes, hostility, suicidal behaviour and serious, sometimes fatal, skin reactions. (Champix (Chantix) - Health Canada issues stronger warnings..)

Pfizer has given other anti-smoking lectures in the Middle East. Pfizer Holds an Anti-Smoking Workshop for Al-Kawn, 7/5/2009; Pfizer Holds an Anti-Smoking Workshop for Al-Kawn and Al-Faridah Staff Members, 6/23/2009.

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