C-store Update - cigarettes price goes down, a new menthol, etc..

August 29, 2010 - Click on any image to enlarge..

The price of Marlboro or Camel cigarettes drops by 40 cents ($0.40) a pack - at least in the Raleigh, NC Area.

As pointed out recently in a Reuters article cigarette makers still count on raising prices on cigarettes to earn profits.

Just in the second quarter of 2010 (q2 2010) when reporting earnings some of the world's largest tobacco companies showed that even in a sluggish global economy they have the power to raise prices in most countries and beat earnings expectations.

Altria, RAI and PMI q2 2010 earnings boosted by higher prices..

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and Philip Morris USA dropped prices but not Lorillard maker of Newport (c-store operator called the company and asked). We are not sure of the reason - one possibility is that they want to take market share away from Lorillard.

Newport is at $4.95/pack, Marlboro Menthol is down to $4.59 but if you buy a 2-pack deal saving $2 - you can get a pack for $3.59.

A new Marlboro menthol is coming in October 2010 - suppose to have a minty aftertaste..

Again the reason is to continue to try to take market share away from Newport. Newport is the No. 1 cigarette brand in the menthol category, owning 36.5 percent of the industry market share. June 30, 2010 -Lorillard - new web site ""Understanding Menthol"..

Marlboro SNUS sign..you only get 6 pouches with Camel SNUS you get 15.

Maxim Magazine - August 2010 - only a kid could understand this ad???

Rolling Stones ad - August 2010, also found in Car and Driver Magazine September 2010..

Previous c-store update devoted to the increase in the flavored cigarillo market. Here's another example..

That's all for now just don't have the time.. Let's take the flavoring out of all tobacco products..

Part 2: avoidance of nicotine addiction - remove the flavoring from all tobacco products..;

Part 1: avoidance of nicotine addiction - remove the flavoring from all tobacco products...


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