Finland - ban on smoking on terraces of private apartments overturned..

September 7, 2010 - Finland has been a real disappointment when it comes to tobacco control. Based on what Finns were saying it was felt they consumption of tobacco would end by 2040.. It doesn't look like this will happen based on the the new tobacco act approved by the President of Finland.

To underscore the weakness of tobacco control an administrative court in the Finnish city of Hämeenlinna (about 70 miles north of Helsinki) has overturned a ban that the municipality of Pirkkala imposed on smoking on the terrace of a private rental apartment, according to an Esmerk Finnish News story.

The municipality banned smoking on the patio of a privately-owned building on the grounds that cigarette smoke could pose a health risk to residents in the neighboring apartment.

The administrative court ruled that while the smoke tests carried out by health inspectors were appropriate, a ban that applied to the whole courtyard was too strict.

Reference: Terrace smoking ban too strict, Tobacco Reporter, 9/7/2010.

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