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October 26, 2010 - The bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey.. The Bailiff is the first civil officer in each of the Channel Island bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, serving as president of the legislature and the Royal Court. Each bailiwick has possessed its own bailiff since the islands were divided into two jurisdictions in the 13th century. Since 2004, Guernsey's head of government is the Chief Minister. Jersey adopted a ministerial system under a Chief Minister following the 2005 elections. These Bailiwicks are British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.

Graphic images warning of the dangers of smoking could be printed on cigarette packets in Jersey. The proposals are due to be debated by the States Assembley in November. Packets already carry written information about the health risks of tobacco.

Health minister Deputy Anne Pryke said it was hoped the warnings would discourage young people from starting to smoke. If approved, the picture warnings could be on tobacco products by January 2011.

Cigarette packets sold in the UK already show graphic images such as rotting teeth and diseased lungs.

The States of Guernsey has passed legislation to include picture warnings on cigarette packets from August 2011.

The U.S. government's new tobacco regulations spell out the words, size and color of new cigarette warning labels -- but despite much publicity about tough new warnings, don't expect to see any for three years. The new law requires stark, black and white labels covering half the pack with warnings such as "Cigarettes cause cancer" or "Smoking can kill you." But it also calls for warnings with color images, giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration two years to come up with guidelines for them. Cigarette-makers would then have 15 months to start putting new warning labels on packs. That means that it won't be until 15 months after the graphic-warning guidelines are published, in June 2011, that any new warnings will appear on packs, FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey said. Officials of both Philip Morris USA and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which backed the legislation, confirmed that timeline. ( by Dave Ress, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/11/2009.

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