North Carolina - smokers be careful where you flick your cigarette..

October 5, 2010 - Raleigh Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a beating that left one person in critical condition.

Witnesses say 23-year-old Evan Benjamin Lawrence was smoking a cigarette outside of the bar when he flicked the cigarette, which reportedly "hit somebody on the leg."
Lawrence's father, Ben, says that is when his son apologized but the suspect "went crazy wrestling with him."

During the fight Lawrence received what doctors would later classify as massive, life-threatening head trauma. But at the time, he walked away from the bar to his apartment about a block away. "His friends checked on him and stayed with him all night and kept him awake," Ben Lawrence explained. "He wouldn't go to the hospital."

Ben said Evan's friends finally drove him to Rex Hospital in Raleigh. "They got him there some 18 hours after the incident," Ben said. Evan is still listed in critical condition at Rex Hospital.

Reference: Suspect Arrested In Connection With Jackpot Beating, NBC-17, 10/4/2010.