JTI - Hamlet Cigars - packaging changing just in time for Christmas..

November 19, 2010 - Japan Tobacco International (JTI's)
Hamlet cigar brand has been given a fresh new look ahead of the key Christmas sales period. Revamped packs feature a new toned colour background and hand- lettered font. The Hamlet 'lozenge' has also been updated and foil blocked, while the JR Freeman signature has been introduced beneath the logo to reinforce Hamlet's cigar-making heritage.

JTI has revealed a "more contemporary" packaging design across its Hamlet cigar brand ahead of the key Christmas season.

The new-look packets and tins, rolling out next month, will feature a more modern-looking font and will be finished with a matt varnish. To reinforce the brand's heritage and authenticity, the JR Freeman signature has also been introduced on pack.

The packaging would ensure the brand remained "relevant to today's adult cigar smokers", the company said. Worth £120m (191.5m USD), Hamlet accounts for 39% of the £314m (501.1m USD) cigar market [Nielsen].

Hamlet cigars are most famous in the UK for their comical advertisements.. Since the ban on tobacco advertising in the UK and much of Europe was implemented, the adverts are no longer aired.

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