City of Devils Lake, North Dakota - outlaws smoking in all bars and restaurants..

December 22, 2010 - On August 1, 2005, North Dakota's smoke-free law went into effect. The law prohibits smoking in all enclosed areas of public places and places of employment, with some exceptions. A stand-alone bar, where only people and older are allowed, may allow smoking. A restaurant must be smoke-free, or can only
allow smoking in a separately enclosed bar area. A stand-alone bar, where only people 21 and older are allowed, may allow smoking. Local governments may regulate smoking more stringently than the state.

The Devils Lake City Commission outlawed smoking in all bars and restaurants that previously had been exempt from the state-wide ban on smoking in public places.

The vote Monday night, December 20th was 3-2, said Mayor Richard Johnson, who is a voting member of the commission. The change goes into effect July 1, 2011. “That gives them some time to prepare, with a smoking hut, or whatever,” Johnson said.

The vote follows an advisory vote taken during the general election in November when; 58 percent voted for such a ban, and 42 percent opposed it, Johnson said. The bars in the town of about 7,000 already had been on notice such a ban was likely and some are planning to build some structure to allow smoking in a separate area, Johnson said.

Reference: Devils Lake bans smoking in bars Devils Lake outlaws smoking in bars on 3-2 city commission vote. Rule becomes effective July 1 in city of 7,000 by: Stephen J. Lee, Grand Forks Herald, 12/20/2010.

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