Marlboro snus now comes in a round tin, 2 flavors, 15 pouches..

January 18, 2011 - Now Marlboro snus comes in a round tin like American chewing tobacco is package. The Flavors are mint and original with 15 pouches per tin . Chad Jones who tried the new Marlboro snus states “The new Marlboro “snus” is simply unimpressive. Altria failed to do anything to improved their previous product other than making the “snus” itself a little more moist.”

From Chad Jones another interesting note: cans say "30% Domestic Tobacco, 70% Import Tobacco".

Reference: New Marlboro Snus 2011 (Round Can) Review. 14 January 2011, Chad Jones, Snus News, Reviews and Information, 1/14/2011..

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