Indiana - again state smoking ban passes the House what's going to happen in the Senate this time..

Rep Charlie Brown..
February 3, 2011 - A federal report released evinces that Indiana hosts the second-largest percentage of adult smokers in the United States.

Rep. Charlie Brown brought more than words to work Monday, January 31st, as he pitched his proposal for a statewide public smoking ban in Indiana. Brown urged his colleagues to protect people from being exposed to smoke while they're at work.

Lawmakers voted on his House Bill 1018 - the measure passed, 68-31, making it eligible for a hearing in the Senate. H.B. 1018 would outlaw smoking in all public places in the state except for casinos and other gambling facilities, bars that admit only those who are at least 21 years old, veterans halls and fraternal clubs, and nursing homes.

Brown introduced the bill as a comprehensive ban, but representatives added the exemptions. Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus, said he would like to see senators make the bill comprehensive again. “I've been told not to say this on the floor,” Smith said on the House floor, “but we're going to hopefully rely on the Senate to remove some of the exemptions, so we can have a true smoking ban in the state of Indiana.”

Lat year on February 5, 2010 we reported that a bill to ban smoking in public places passed the house 73 to 26 earlier this week-but the Senate President Pro-tem David Long said the senate isn't ready to consider a ban. (Indiana - no statewide smoking ban this year for, "The ash tray of the Midwest"..)

Here are some of the Indiana smoking statistics researchers found (Indiana - PENN State study on Smoking Cessation: the Economic Benefits..):
» Each year, tobacco use kills 9,700 people in Indiana.
» Smoking results in annual costs to the Indiana economy of more than $7.7 billion. This includes workplace productivity losses of $2 billion, costs of premature death at $3 billion and direct medical expenses of $2.6 billion.
» Retail cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.13, but the real cost to society and the state's economy is $15.90 per pack.
» By providing smoking- cessation treatments, Indiana can annually save $5 million in direct health-care expenditures and $9.8 million in workplace productivity losses.

Reference: Smoking ban passes Indiana House Advocates hope Senate removes exemptions. by KEVIN ALLEN, Staff Writer,, 2/1/2011.

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