Hungary - smoking ban may be delayed..

March 10, 2011 - A proposed ban on smoking in indoor public spaces in Hungary may be introduced in January 2012 instead of June of this year, Világgazdaság learned.

Hungary shows the poorest cancer-related mortality rate within Europe, World Health Organisation (WHO) data released in Geneva on Friday, on World Cancer Day, by: MTI,, 2/7/2011)

A proposal by governing party Fidesz to ban smoking in all closed public spaces from the middle of the year - including entertainment venues, restaurants and offices - was submitted at the end of last month. Over a dozen amendment motions have since been submitted.

According to Világgazdaság, one of the few amendment motions which have a chance is the one which would delay the introduction of the ban by half a year.

Fidesz MP Tamás Heintz is to submit an amendment to an anti-smoking bill that would also ban smoking in cars in which children younger than 18 are riding. Fidesz caucus press chief Ákos Krakkó confirmed the report, adding that Heintz considers the amendment important, as the children of parents who smoke in a car have no protection against harm caused by second-hand smoke. (Hungary mulls ban on smoking in cars with kids by: Hungary Around the Clock,, 3/4/2011)

Hungary - Smoking has been banned for several years on public transport, hospitals, airports and in public and federal buildings, including the Parliament. From 2010, a smoking ban is effective on playgrounds and underpasses.[47] Several cities are already banning smoking in public transport stops – Szeged from June 2007, Pécs from early 2009,[48] Budapest in early 2011.[49] A complete ban (all public spaces) is effective from mid 2011.[50] [51][52] (List of smoking bans)

Reference: Hungary's smoking ban may be delayed by: All Hungary News,, 3/10/2011

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