Menthol Cigarettes - alter the menthol concentration so cigarettes will not be so appealing to young smokers..

March 4, 2011 -

FDA TPSAC - Menthol Draft Report - two draft chapters released..

FDA TPSAC - Draft Report - Menthol May NOT Raise Smoker's Risk..

According to the information provided there is insufficient evidence to show that menthol increases smoke inhalation, exposure to nicotine or disease risk. However, the draft report did say that menthol may mask the harshness of smoking and could be more attractive to young smokers.

As pointed out when following the growth of menthol cigarettes altering the concentration of menthol can help target certain consumers.

Growth of Menthol Cigarettes..

The Growth of Lorillard's
Newport Cigarettes..

The FDA has a few things going for it to slow the black market in mentholated cigarettes:
See - U.S. Menthol Cigarettes - FDA can we expect any marketing change??



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