IN raising children - no place for dissolvable smokeless tobacco products..

April 14, 2011

J.R. Reynolds Tobacco Camel Dissolvables Products: Orbs (spherical object), which is a pellet (dissolves in the mouth, like breath mints) that lasts about 15 minutes; Sticks (twisted) can be placed in the mouth like a toothpick or broken into a pieces that are placed between the upper lip and gum, where they dissolve after 10 minutes; and edible film Strips for the tongue, which dissolve after about 3 minutes (e.g., like Listerine PocketPak breath strips). Flavors - Strips will come in fresh mint flavor and Sticks in Mellow; Orbs will be available in both flavors.

Each product is convenient user-friendly dosage form containing amounts of the nicotine to render the user a slave to this addictive substance for many years to come. As pointed out by Dr. Connolly these nicotine dosage forms are easier to tolerate so kids will become possible life-long nicotine addicts at a much younger age compared with cigarette initiation.

Our children - NO - to dissolvable smokeless tobacco products..

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"Our Highest Priority Has To Be Keeping Children From Beginning To Use Tobacco Products" Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the USA.

Ads Available at retailers in Colorado. Thank you the Center for Global Tobacco Control, Harvard School of Public Health.