Third Hand Smoke...What it is, and How it Affects you..

April 24, 2011

April 19, 2011

Backgound: Third-Hand Smoke..

Father's Day and Third-Hand Smoke..

Children are especially vulnerable to third-hand smoke.


George, B.C. - Third hand smoke is something people should be taking seriously--that from a Tobacco Reduction Coordinator with Northern Health. George Wiens, says if you walk into a home or sit in a car and smelled the pungent odour of a distant cigarette, that is third hand smoke. He says with each cigarette, third hand smoke gets into furniture, carpets , clothing, blankets, hair and toys. Wiens says babies and children are most at risk from third hand smoke. He says kids are "on the floors, on the rugs in our home, and young children very tactile. They pick things up and put it in their mouth. Long term those low level exposure dosages will have health effects." Wiens says smokers can reduce the risk by smoking outside and away from children, wearing a designated smoke jacket and washing their hands as soon as your cigarette is done.

REFErence; What it is, and How it Affects you./hqprincegeorge.comv, 4/23/2011



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