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J"Because e-cigarettes have not been thoroughly tested, one cannot conclude that they are less harmful or less dangerous than conventional cigarettes," said Dr. Langston. "The fact that they come in fruit and candy flavors gives them the potential to entice new nicotine users, especially teens." Some of flvors include o, Mint, Apple, Chocolate, and Strawberry. You can pick your nicotine level and the flavor you want for your electronic cigarette set that comes with additional refills, or if you already have your e-cigarette, pick the flavor of your cartridge refills.

Today's annoucement april 25 , 2011 by the FDA to not appeal Judge Richard Leon's ruling in NJOY v FDA doc?2009cv0771-54 to the US Supreme Court means that e-cigarettes, e-liquid, nicotine gums, lozenges, patches, skin creams and nasal sprays are now unregulate tobacco products according to federal law (as long as no therapeutic claim is made by the manufacturer/importer).

These nicotine products now join cigars and pipe tobacco as unregulated tobacco products under the . Currently regulated products include cigarettes, roll-your-own, and smokeless tobacco.

U.S. FDA for our children must limit the availability of menthol cigarettes..

IF THE FDA DOES NOT limit the availability of menthol cigarettes..THE Family Smoking Prevention Tobacco Control Act CAN BE CONSIDER A FAILURE...

Why we need a ban on menthol cigarettes,




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