Anti-tobacco conference details plethora of new products - new ways to ingest nicotine..

October 25, 2007 - Anti-tobacco conference details plethora of new products - new ways to ingest nicotine.. - The National Conference on Tobacco or Health, October 24-26, 2007, Minneapolis, MN. was attended by 3000 anti-tobacco experts. As the tobacco industry attempts to adapt to smoking bans (e.g., trying to convince smokers that you can satisfy your nicotine addiction in places where smoking is banned by using SNUS) it is developing dozens of new ways for the body to absorb nicotine -- from hookahs to snus to lozenges to smokeless nicotine delivery systems. And, in a clear attempt to attract younger users, they come in more flavors than you can find at a Ben & Jerry's ice cream store. For the first time, the National Cancer Institute has developed an experimental fast-track research process (called "rapid mobilization") so scientists and public health officials can keep up with those new products and devise their own public programs to counter them.. They said they do not want a repeat of the public health debacle that occurred with the introduction of low-tar cigarettes. They were marketed as a healthier alternative, but turned out to be just as dangerous as the full-strength variety. (Anti-tobacco conference details plethora of new products, and health researchers' response by Josephine Marcotty, Star Tribune)