Rush to Judgement ..

October 24, 2007 - Rush to Judgement - Tobacco companies are prodding public health officials to come forward and support claims about how safe smokeless tobacco products like SNUS. Certain public health professionals have played right into their hands and have even been outspoken on how safe smokeless tobacco is compared to tobacco smoking. The population these public health officials are targeting are inveterate (hard-nosed, long established, deep-rooted) cigarette smokers that refuse to consider trying to quit smoking tobacco. But it would be impossible to limit distribution of smokeless tobacco products only to inveterate tobacco smokers. These SNUS promoters have failed to determine if the inveterate cigarette smokers would be willing to permanently switch to SNUS and eliminate tobacco smoking. Test marketing of SNUS products like Taboka, Skoal Dry, Camel SNUS and even Marlboro SNUS have not been spectacular. Some retailers say consumers have shown little interest in these products. Tobacco companies are not in any hurry to increase distribution - indicating it's going to be a long slow build requiring awareness building and education of potential users. See related New Briefs: October 18, 2007October 17, 2007(We are waiting for comments on October 25, 2007, Camel SNUS in the Reynolds American conference call following the release of 3rd quarter 2007 financial results on 10/25/2007.) Some consumers are even rejecting coupons for free cans of Camel SNUS. The placement of a SNUS packet under the upper lip and then sucking on the bag for 30 or so minutes is at best awkward. If you move the packet around in your mouth more saliva will be produced and the urge to spit will increase. SNUS use may just be a cultural thing limited mainly to Sweden and other Scandinavia countries like Norway.( 


  Tim Haigh

February 4, 2009 at 3:56 AM

Philip Morris have formed a Joint Venture with Swedish Match Sweden's biggest producer of Snus.

Look like the big tobacco companies are interested in Snus.