C-store Highlighting Tobacco Blunt Wraps Available in Lots of Different Flavors..

January 31, 2007 - Blunt wraps are similar to cigarette-rolling papers, but are made of tobacco. There are two brands: Royal Blunts and True Blunts both have displays at the check-out counter. Buyers get an assortment of flavors to chose from including: strawberry Kiwi, Apple Martini, Grape-A-Licious, Peach Passion, Pina Colada, French Vanilla, Wild Honey, Gin-N-Juice, Champagne, BlueBerry Burst, Chocolate, XO Cognac, Purple, Wet Cherry and to new flavors Kush (slang for HIndu Kush - a type of marijuana) & Mojito - Click om image to enlarge.. Other news: Doral is going down in price by 5 cents around the middle of February 2008. R.J. Reynolds (RJR) has a deal with this store in which no pack of cigarettes can sell below the price of Doral - selling now for $3.04 per pack. Camel SNUS is not selling - in fact the owner has stated if we get one sale a week we're lucky. The Snus inventory is reduced when RJR plants a person in the store to pass out coupons for a free can when a person buys a pack of cigarettes. Just the other day, in the mail we received a coupon for a free can of Camel SNUS - this must be part of the on-going RJR public awareness program. For this store, RJR removed the big Camel Snus sign next to the front door and replaced it with Camel No. 9 sign. Studies show that 75 percent of teens shop at convenience stores at least once a week, and they are more likely than adults to be influenced by convenience store promotions. Some related news briefs: Link Between C-stores and Tobacco Use, Ireland to ban tobacco displays and Nova Scotia - ban on point of sale tobacco advertising. Also Tobacco Products When You Can't Smoke.