Taboca USA to change name to Nordic American Smokeless..

February 1, 2008 - Taboca USA to change name to Nordic American Smokeless.. Taboca USA Inc., a smokeless tobacco company whose quality products are based on the Swedish smokeless manufacturing process (snus), announced today that it has changed its corporate name to Nordic American Smokeless Inc. Darren Quinn, President and CEO said, "The name change more closely reflects our Company's core strength in manufacturing smokeless tobacco products based on Swedish snus technology combined with our expertise in marketing smokeless tobacco products to adult American consumers." Quinn also indicated that Nordic American Smokeless Inc. is on track to launch its flagship products early this year. Nordic American Smokeless Inc. is headquartered in Danbury, CT. The Company is an affiliate of the Norwegian snus company Taboca A/S, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. From On 13 July 2006, Taboca AS a Norwegian snus manufacturer and marketer, announced that it signed a co-operation agreement with RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co that includes an exchange of services with one another and an intent for Taboca to launch a snus product in the US within the next twelve months. No other details of the agreement were provided. ("RJ Reynolds co-operates with snus maker," Tobacco Journal International (TJI) Newsletter July 26, 2006). The name Taboca is very similar to Philip Morris USA's initial Snus product that will be discontinued Taboka. One of their premium brands of snus is called Taboca. It is interesting to note the tobacco used by Taboca AS is obtained from Cuba. ( Click on image to enlarge..