Greece May Have the Highest Cigarette Consumption Per Person in the World..

Greece , a member of the FCTC, will be running out of places to light up by 2010 as the government will finally enforce European Union guidelines banning smoking in many public places. Two previous laws, forcing businesses, bars, cafes, restaurants and taxis to limit smoking to designated areas has largely been ignored. Other government efforts—including bans on advertising and new warnings on cigarette packs—have done little to discourage smoking. In 2010 the government will also introduce heavy fines to anyone that does not abide by the regulations. Restaurants, bars and cafes will be fined 3,000 euros ($4743.30USD) while smokers will be fined 300 euros ($474.33USD). Greece's smoking population (45%) is among the highest in the world and easily outranks other European countries such as France where 38% of the population smoke.
One study has found that almost 9% of 14-year-old children smoke and over a quarter of 18-year-olds. According to a recent survey, the stricter measures, aimed at protecting smokers and non-smokers, have the backing of most Greeks. References: Once more unto the breach,, 5/13/2008 and Greek government plans to ban smoking by 2010,, 6/25/2008. Further reading: Smoking policy and prevalence in Greece: an overview, Constantine I. Vardavas and Anthony G. Kafatos, The European Journal of Public Health 17(2):211-213, 2007. - Incomplete..
(Hellenic Republic)