New South Wales - Big Tobacco Influencing Cabinet's Decision..

July 24, 2008 - New South Wales(NSW - Australia's most populous state) - the cabinet of Premier Morris Iemma(pronounced Yemma) is split on a proposal to ban cigarette packets from view in shops.

The tobacco amendment bill proposed in March 2008 required retailers to keep cigarette products below the counter or in drawers where they cannot be seen.
Storing tobacco out of sight will prevent people, particularly children, being able to see tobacco. Research shows that the point of sale display acts to promote and normalize smoking. Retailers should realize that 80% of their patrons that smoke even want a ban on tobacco advertising in shops to stop youngsters starting the habit.

The Minister Assisting the Health Minister (Cancer), Verity Firth, will take a plan to cabinet in the next two weeks which would see the ban introduced more than four years after it was announced by the previous minister, Frank Sartor in February 2004. But the cabinet is understood to be split on the proposal, with support from the Treasurer, Michael Costa, ( and Small Business Minister, Joe Tripodi (, questionable.

Philip Morris encourages retailers to complain to cabinet members, complains they'll lose market share unable to wrest the No. 1 spot from British American Tobacco. PM claims they would favor reducing the size of the displays but of course, they're not to be trusted. Imperial Tobacco is understood to have joined the fight against the proposal.

Reference: Hide-and-seek ban ignites tobacco lobby by Andrew Clennell State Political Editor,, 7/23/2008.

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Anne Jones, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health(ASH) Australia has said that the cabinet was about to "overturn recommendations to protect children in favor of protecting tobacco pushers."

Adult smokers will still know where to find the stuff.

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