Malta - April 2004 Smoking Ban A Success..

October 28, 2008 - The smoking ban was first introduced with the aim of protecting non-smokers from exposure to carbon monoxide gas, which is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and those with heart disease.

The smoking ban has been in place for 4 years and it seems as though the effects are finally being seen. A study conducted by the anti-smoking campaign "HELP: For a life without tobacco" has set about measuring the differences in carbon monoxide levels since the ban was put in place. Since the introduction of the smoking ban in 2004, tobacco pollution in non-smokers has halved. Owing to the lack of cigarette smoke in public areas since the beginning of the ban, the presence of carbon monoxide in the lungs of non-smokers has been shown to have dropped significantly. (Smoking ban success by Maxine Calleja Urry,, 10/27/2008)

Speaking at a news conference on the various anti-tobacco services offered by the Malta's Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Department, Dr. Ray Busuttil, Director General on behalf of the Ministry of Health said the latest Eurobarometer survey on smoking showed that 25 per cent of the Maltese are smokers. However, what is most worrying is that while the 2002 Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey showed that 38.8 per cent of 15-year-olds admitted to having some time smoked a cigarette, this rate increased to 42.8 per cent four years later. The 2006 HBSC survey also shows that the rate of 15-year-old girls who admitted to having tried smoking was 45 per cent, compared to the rate of 40 per cent in boys of the same age,” said Dr Busuttil. Moreover, the HBSC survey (carried out every four years) also shows that 10 per cent of 11-year-old boys admitted to having tried smoking. (Smoking among young people on the increase, Francesca Vella,, 10/7/2008)

Márkos Kyprianoú former European Commissioner for Health tendered his resignation as Commissioner on 29 February 2008 has recommended a total in European Union ban on smoking would be the most effective approach. (Commission wants EU-wide smoking ban in public places,, Published: Tuesday 30 January 2007 - Updated: Wednesday 21 February 2007) Support for smoking bans in 25 EU countries.