Pennsylvania - Cigarette Vending Machines NO Longer Wanted..

October 29, 2008 - Since the Pennsylvania "The Clean Indoor Air Act" went into effect more and more cigarette vendors have been asked to remove their machines by businesses that no longer allow smoking.

There are about 5,700 licensed cigarette vending machines in Pennsylvania, according to the state Department of Revenue. W.S. Vending, had 50 to 60 cigarette vending machines in bars and restaurants throughout Pittsburgh before the ban went into effect six weeks ago. Now, they have three. Cigarette sales account for about 25 percent of W.S. Vending's business.

"The smoking ban improves air quality, exposes fewer people to second-hand smoke. It also leads to a lot more current smokers quitting and fewer kids start smoking," said Thomas, executive director of Tobacco Free Allegheny. "All these things tie together, so, for us, it's good news."

Reference: Cigarette vendors are hurting from statewide smoking ban by Adam Brandolph, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/28/2008.

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