Australia NO cigarette price increase since 2001..

December 11, 2008 - The Victorian Cancer Council's research shows that in 2007, 19 percent of adults were regular smokers, compared to 34 percent in 1980. The Fiona Sharkie, Executive Director of anti-tobacco group Quit , says smoking rates have fallen for three main reasons. "Very clearly it's increasing the price of cigarettes, continuing to run anti-smoking television commercials, and also bringing in more and more smoke-free areas," she said.

Sharkie continued: "We haven't had a price increase since 2001." "If we'd continued with the World Health recommendations for the price of cigarettes, we'd be looking at cigarettes costing $19 a pack, rather than the $11 or $12 they cost today," she said.

Reference: Anti-smoking lobby calls for increase in cigarette prices, ABC News, 12/8/2008.