C-store update: Premium cigarette makers offering lots of promotions to keep customers.

December 7, 2008 - The price of cigarettes is one of the most important factors affecting tobacco consumption (World Bank 1999) as high cigarette prices can prevent people from taking up smoking and encourage those who smoke to quit. In addition, higher cigarette pricing along with continuing economic pressures on smokers does result in growth in discount brands. To counter the possibility of a smokers switching to discount brands or quitting premium cigarette makers are now offering lots of promotions.

Take a look at some examples of special offers.

Marlboro Lights have been reduced one dollar per carton.
But there had been talk that Philip Morris would have a special offer where the smoker gets an extra pack of Marlboro as a Christmas gift - this has not happened.

There's even a B1G1F offer for Camel No. 9 cigarettes and a mini-brochure can be found - Outside Panel, Inside Panel provided for the buyer. More on Camel No. 9.

A study that examined cigarette purchasing patterns of current smokers found that most smokers are price sensitive and seek out measures to purchase less expensive cigarettes. (Higher cigarette prices influence cigarette purchase patterns, A Hyland, J E Bauer, Q Li, S M Abrams, C Higbee, L Peppone, K M Cummings, Tobacco Control 14:86-92, 2005. ABSTRACT..)

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