Iowa - fire safe cigarettes - January 1, 2009..

December 29, 2008 - Iowa - A law signed on May 21, 2007 requiring the sale of new cigarettes that are less likely to start fires goes into effect January 1, 2009.

As can be seen from the image fire-safe cigarette has a what's called a speed bump in the band, so if it is left unattended it will extinguish on its own.

The cigarettes cost the same price, but some smokers say the new cigarettes leave a bad taste in their mouths. The new cigarettes may provide further incentive to once and for all stop smoking. Comment from an Iowa smoker: “If it tastes horrible, I'll probably be more apt to quit sooner,” Timothy Miller said. Another comment: "If you're not constantly smoking them, they'll go out. Then, if you relight it, it flames up in your face because of the paper.” Dummies - Citizens Against Fire Safe Cigarettes.."

Nearly every other state in the nation already requires or is in the process of requiring retailers to sell fire-safe cigarettes Other states requiring the sale of fire safe cigarettes starting January 1, 2009 include: Delaware signed into law July 5, 2007; Oklahoma signed into May 12, 2008, Pennsylvania signed into law July 9, 2008 and Texas signed into law June 15, 2007.

Learn more: Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes, an arm of the National Fire Protection Association.

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