Victoria, Australia 5-YR Tobacco Control Strategy..

December 23, 2008 - State Government hopes the new laws, announced today December 22, 2008, will help cut smoking rates in Victoria by 20 percent by 2013.

The ban on smoking in cars with children under the age of 18 will not come into effect until January 1, 2010. Victoria will become the fifth Australian state to ban smoking in cars with children. (Others that have already introduced such a ban: South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.( Why the delay?? Vehicles Have Been Found to be the Most Dangerous Space for Second-Hand Smoke Levels. - even Philip Morris agrees. The prevalence of asthma in Australia is among the highest in the world: between 14% and 16% of children and between 10% and 12% of adults have asthma. (Asthma Statistics, Health InSite) Children who are regularly exposed to tobacco smoke in their parents’ cars are significantly more likely to experience asthma symptoms than those who travel in smoke-free cars, an Australian study shows. (Smoking in cars linked to asthma in children, Patient Health International, 3/2007)Victoria is Australia's second smallest state, the most densely populated and most urbanized.)

The ban on point-of-sale displays of cigarettes will be mandatory from January 2011.

Health Minister Daniel Andrews said other measures in the Victorian Tobacco Control Strategy 2008 - 2013 includes $22 million in funding for anti-smoking ads, making public school grounds smoke-free by July 1, 2009 and a boost to services to high-risk groups quit smoking.

"Smoking remains the leading preventable cause of illness and death in Victoria, claiming around 4000 lives, causing 80 per cent of lung cancer cases and costing Victoria around $5 billion every year."

Health groups welcomed the new five-year plan and said the measures would save thousands of lives.

Member of Parliament Damien Drum, says the State Government's new smoking laws do not do enough to stop young people lighting their first cigarette. Member of Parliament Damien Drum.

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The biggest losers when a parent smokes are the CHILDREN.



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