Portland, Oregon - Camel ORBS - candy-like tobacco tablets..

March 23, 2009 - They may look like mints but they’re loaded with nicotine. They’re called Orbs, the first dissolvable tobacco product introduced by a major tobacco company, R.J. Reynolds. The tablets hit the Portland market in January, the same month the city became smoke free in restaurants and bars.

Oregon Partnership, a nonprofit group that works to prevent drug abuse among teens says the Orbs are a danger to young people.

The tablets have some teenagers doing a double take. "It just looks like a normal mint and if it weren't in that container it would be easy to pass of as a regular mint," said Alex Hailey. “It's a tobacco product with nicotine it's addictive unfortunately kids will probably be attracted to it," said Pete Schulberg. A comparison of Camel Orbs with Tic Tacs which one is the candy - both are flavored and presented in attractive packaging.

But Reynolds denies marketing to kids, saying Orbs are meant for adults. The products are marked with warnings, it may cause mouth cancer and it’s not a safe alternative to cigarettes. While the products may be less harmful because they are smoke-free, they still contain nicotine and can be addictive, no matter what your age.

Comments regarding this article: *-Um I would just like to say, I tried one of these hyped up mints. They are the nastiest thing I have EVER tried, could not have been in mouth 3 seconds. **-This is an obvious attempt to set the hook at a young age so RJ Reynolds has another generation of addicts to fill their coffers and personally it pisses me off.

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Reference: Some say candy-like tobacco tablets a danger to teens, By JANE SMITH, KGW Staff, 3/20/2009.



June 6, 2009 at 4:56 PM

I'm completely missing the similarity to candy and the comment that they taste nasty, while true, doesn't quite gel with the comment that follows that suggests that kids will want these at all... Last time I checked, no one wanted something that tasted (and looked) like a rat turd in their mouth - am I missing a new fad among todays youth?

No one can mistake these for candy. They don't look like candy, they don't taste like candy, they don't smell like candy.

And as far as the "attractive packaging" is concerened - seriously? So, in other words, we shouldn't market anything intended strictly for adults in packaging that is remotely attractive? Should it all just be shoved in a brown paper bag, or what? A nonsensical statement if I've ever heard one.

I'm completely 110% against kids getting into the nicotine habit and I'm sincerely grateful that there are people out there looking out for youngsters but at the same time I have to note ... if we continue to treat our kids as though they're a bunch of morons, they'll likely end up being a bunch of morons. There are no fewer than 5 warnings on the Orbs box I picked up recently (and it took an act of God to open them) - these aren't aimed at kids by a long shot.