Dissolving Tobacco Hits Columbus, OH Test Market - see VIDEO..

March 24, 2009 - COLUMBUS, Ohio - has had it fill of being a test site for smokeless tobacco products. We wonder why the good people have not revolted yet..

First it was R.J. Reynolds' (RJR) Camel SNUS, then Lorillard's Triumph SNUS (SNUS made by Swedish Match) followed by Liggett's Grand Prix Snus NOW one of the three test sites (others Portland, OR, Indianapolis, IN)for test marketing Camel Dissolvable products. We now know why RJR selects Portland, Oregon.

We have no problem with inveterate tobacco smokers (smokers who are either unable or unwilling to quit) from using smokeless tobacco products. But it is impossible to limit distribution to only this group of individuals. Our children our future leader will be the ones that will suffer resulting in a life of being totally dependent on nicotine never able to achieve their full potential. You can see the way tobacco companies such as as RJR are promoting and distributing these products they are not being selective on how this is done.

Columbus is a test market for the product—dissolvable tobacco—little orbs, sticks and tiny pouches that dissolve in your mouth. The new product that’s advertised as cold, fresh and refreshing sounds like a soft drink or gum. But, it’s not gum and doctors think what’s in it could kill you.

The ad says you pop it under your lip, wait for the tingle and enjoy the taste for 30 minutes. There’s no smoke or cigarette, but plenty of nicotine. Take a look is it a Camel ORBs or Tic Tacs - both are flavored, look like candy and have attractive packaging. “The brain doesn’t know if it’s a cigarette or a lozenge or a strip you’re getting the nicotine from. You addict the exact same way,“ said Dr. Robert Crane, former chairman of Smoke Free Ohio. “Do you think big tobacco is trying to create a new generation of addicts?“ NBC 4‘s Colleen Marshall asked. “They’ve been trying to create generations of addicts successfully for the last hundred years and we have not been able to stop them,“ Crane said. But the tobacco companies will tell you the new products are alternatives to cigarettes and for smokers who can no longer light up in public, they offer relief.

David Howard, spokesman for RJ Reynolds tobacco company: These are marketed to adult tobacco consumers—an informed decision without bothering others, there is no second hand smoke, there’s no spitting and there’s no litter.“

“They may be safer for adult smokers. It melts in your mouth and not in your lungs. However, for kids, this is a much more dangerous first hook into nicotine and therein lies the rub,“ Crane said. Crane also said kids are more vulnerable than ever. Because the administration of Gov. Ted Strickland redirected the $230 million anti-tobacco fund to provide state budget relief.

But, state health officials said they do have anti-smoking programs. “We have a number of efforts. We have our quit line, many grants to hospitals through our community grant program and also do enforcement of smoke free Ohio,“ said Dr. Alvin Jackson, director of the Ohio Department of Health.

But, will it be enough to combat the campaign that includes a massive free handout of the new smoke free tobacco products? “Every time we find a way to stop them in one arena, they go around,“ Jackson said.

Reference: Dissolving Tobacco Hits Columbus Test Market by Denise Yost - Managing Editor, nbc4i.com, 3/23/2009.

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