3rd Smoking Cessation Conference - September 29-30, 2009, USA..

April 16, 2009 - Keeping in mind the success of the last two smoking cessation conferences in the UK (United Kingdom, Britain), the United States conference will be a platform bringing together the pharma, biotech and healthcare organizations to collaborate and improve smoking cessation treatments. Our aim will be to present the developments and success of new products in the pipeline to aid smoking cessation to where the product market is advancing in both mechanism and drug delivery.

Why Attend? Examine potential market opportunities for new anti-smoking products, Discover the directions being taken to implement the dangers of nicotine addiction in secure environments and hard to reach groups, Discuss the potential to improve on current treatments and assess the key drivers for pharmaceutical companies researching into anti-addiction treatment, Analyze the acute and chronic health issues associated with nicotine and its second hand smoke, Gain an insight into the growing global problem of illicit trade in tobacco products.

Reference: 3rd Smoking Cessation Conference, visiongain.com, 4/16/2009.