Bahrain - King Hamad ratifies tough new anti-smoking laws..

April 14, 2009 - MANAMA (capital and largest city of Bahrain): His Majesty King Hamad yesterday, 4/13/2009 ratified tough anti-smoking laws. The new legislation, already approved by the Shura Council and parliament, bans any planting, manufacturing or reprocessing of tobacco in Bahrain.

Cigarette vending machines are also prohibited. The law declared it illegal to import chewable tobacco-based products, moist snuff and other unlicensed tobacco-based substances.

Smoking at closed public facilities and other amenities is also forbidden. It includes public transport, airports, ports, ministries, government departments, hospitals, health centres, schools, universities, training institutes, industrial facilities and other public places. The ban applies to shops, supermarkets, malls, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, recreation sites, banks and other outlets. Hair salons, lifts, ATM booths and private cars carrying children also fall under the law.

Violators will be fined from BD20 (53.05USD)to BD50 (132.63USD).

Reference: King backs tough new anti-smoking laws, Gulf Daily News, 4/14/2009.

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