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May 17, 2009

NOT In Boston..

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Camel Dissolvables - Comments of a c-store customer Columbus, OH one of the test sites for Camel Dissolvables - A half pamphlet for the Dissolvables that was sitting on the counter right where you pay at the convenience store of a Marathon gas station right down from where I work here in Columbus. It’s so funny that they spend so much time talking about how to open them. If you’ve tried to open them, you know they’re hard to get open and after you’ve used them for a few times, they start jamming and not coming out. (Really poor mechanism on the packaging.) But my 14-year-old son was the one who first got them open for me. So much for child-resistant packaging!

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R.J. Reynolds Mailing - Camel SNUS The SNUS Guide to Sweden.. It is interesting to note that Camel SNUS was at first made in Sweden but management moved the manufacture to Winston-Salem, NC. - the location of the corporate headquarters for Reynolds American.

Available on Camel SNUS web site.. R.J. Reynolds - on Camel SNUS web site.. SNUS guide to surviving the downturn - cover..

Philip Morris (PMUSA) field sales force now represents U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Brands (USSTB) at retail for the purpose of offering and executing the sales program and executing the USSTB Retail Returned Goods Process. Most of the former UST field reps have been removed just like was done with the Black&Mild people. The c-store owner is asked to sign-off on a retail program agreement. The agreement is concerned with placement of product and signs and keeping the shelves well stocked. Remember - the strict rules regarding placement of cigarettes PMUSA set up - the T-set. Altria completes UST acquisition..

Marlboro - old slogan starting to be used more and more again.. old slogan re-surfacing.It seems like PM USA is starting to use an old slogan from the 1970's . Click here for a 1970 image.

PMUSA has big plans to take market share away from competitors once the bill (which they helped write) to have the FDA regulate tobacco is approved. We wonder who has gained more of an advantage - the split off of Philip Morris International from Altria or the passage of the "Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act" or as Fortune magazine describes it the "Altria Earnings Protection Act."

Whatever Happened To The Last Marlboro Man??. A couple months ago the Winston Man, Alan Landers dies of lung cancer..

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