Boston's ban on blunt wraps stands..

March 29, 2009 - A Massachusetts judge has upheld the authority of the Boston Public Health Commission to ban the sale of "blunt wraps," tobacco-leaf papers often used to roll marijuana cigarettes.

Three major blunt wrap manufacturers - as well as their trade organization, the RYO (as in, roll your own) Cigar Association - sued the city in Suffolk Superior Court last month, hoping to stop the city's enforcement of the blunt ban, which started Monday, February 9, 2009). A judge denied a request for an emergency halt, but allowed the case to proceed for a full hearing. (Blunt lawsuit pits rolling paper makers v. city, by Stephen Smith,, 2/7/2009)

The makers of wraps, which are tobacco-based rolling papers, are suing the city over the Boston Public Health Commission's decision in December to ban their product from store shelves across the city.

Producers of blunt wraps contend that city regulators are unconstitutionally picking on them. It is estimated that $1.5 million worth of blunt wraps are sold annually in Boston.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission, said Thursday that a judge agreed that the board has the authority to enact regulations in the interests of public health.

The commission argued that the blunt wraps were being marketed to youth because of their bright packaging and exotic flavors.

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Reference: Boston's ban on blunt wraps stands, posted by Gideon Gil,, 3/26/2009.

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