FINAL - ASH UK favors e-cigarettes for inveterate smokers..

October 21, 2009 - ASH UK is at it again first they promoted snus and now e-cigarettes for inveterate smokers (smokers who either do not wish to stop smoking or find it very hard to do so). Tobacco harm reduction policies aim to reduce the prevalence of tobacco-related harm by encouraging inveterate smokers to adopt less harmful ways of obtaining nicotine.

While the ASH group in the United States and its leader, Prof. John Banzhaf III hold a large amount of contempt for e-cigarette products (electronic), the original chapter of ASH in the UK released a PDF file stating that the products could very well be a viable option for smokers who do not wish to quit or have not had success with cessation. (ASH UK was founded in 1971 by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). ASH continues to work closely with the RCP via its Tobacco Advisory Group. Dr. John Britton is the Chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians and Professor of respiratory medicine.)

If we could limit the distribution of harm reduction tobacco products to only inveterate smokers then all of us would be for the use of these products for this targeted population. But as we have learned tobacco companies have other plans. Even RCP's Dr. John Britton has noted: "It's their [tobacco companies] job to sell as much tobacco as possible, so they will be targeting non-smokers rather than current ones, that's the worry."

Briefly let's look how Camel SNUS has been promoted in the United States. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco is targeting young adults smokers or non-smokers and any kids they can entice along the way. Note the tag line: Camel SNUS: "Pleasure for wherever."

Camel SNUS Guide to Dating - a mailing to all people on the R.J. Reynolds mailing list. Just imagine trying to kiss your date with the pouch stationed in your mouth - between your upper lip and gum. You'll release much more saliva and have that urge to spit.

Ad from Entertainment Magazines:

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Here's a SNUS Guide to Airports..

Camel SNUS Guide to Sweden..

Reynolds has tried every possible promotion to get as many cans as possible into the hands of the general public. Here's one coupon example :

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R.J. Reynolds sent female representatives to local bars, e.g., in Raleigh, NC passing-out free samples of either: 2-packs of cigarettes, 1-pack of cigarettes and 1-can of Camel SNUS or 2-cans of Camel SNUS.

Snus has been used in Sweden for over 200 years--it is part of their culture. Dr. Goran Boethius, pulmonary specialist and in Sweden Chairman of Doctors Against Tobacco: only five percent of all adult men in Sweden have quit smoking with the use of snus. (Sweden Tobacco Control 2006 Progress & Challenge - both are greater than ever)

Sir Alexander Macara: if legalized, snus might be taken up by people, especially the young, who might never have smoked tobacco but who may then progress to doing so.(BMJ 2008;336:359 (16 February)) The result of legalizing snus would be a generation of youngsters addicted to nicotine never able to reach their full potential. Are adults snoozing while kids are "snusing?"..

If we agree that our children are the future, then our highest priority has to be to keep children from beginning to use tobacco products. We can not have harm reduction tobacco products unless we can limit distribution to only inveterate smokers.

Much more supporting documentation can be found in the archive we maintain - do a random search..

Reference: ASH Agrees The E-Cigarette Is A Better Alternative To Tobacco, 24-7 Press Release, 10/19/2009.