Thailand - Tobacco Expo organizers and guests must obey all tobacco control laws..

October 23, 2009 - Back in August 2009 we reported that the credibility of Thailand's anti-smoking policy is being questioned after it was revealed the country is hosting a major tobacco promotional event in November 2009. Map of Thailand..

Now the Public Health Ministry is warning the organiser of an Asian tobacco exhibition against breaking the laws covering the advertising of tobacco products and smoking during its three-day event next month. The Disease Control Department has sent a letter to the Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre asking it to inform the organiser, US-based Tobacco Reporter magazine, about the restrictions on tobacco promotion, public health spokesman Supan Srithamma said.

Mr Supan yesterday said public health officials would work with police in "inspecting and arresting" violators of the law at Tabinfo Asia 2009 in mid November.

The two applicable laws are the 1992 Tobacco Products Control Act, which controls the advertising and marketing of tobacco products, and the 1992 Non-Smokers' Health Protection Act, which sets out to prevent non-smokers, especially in public places, from being exposed to tobacco smoke.

The Non-Smokers' Health Protection Act prohibits smoking in an exhibition area. Smoking is only allowed outside an exhibition building, and should not disturb people or be located in areas easily noticed by visitors to an exhibition, said Panuwat Panket, director of the tobacco consumption office.

The Tobacco Products Control Act does not allow tobacco advertising in the form of posters, leaflets or video presentations during an exhibition or an academic conference.

Reference: Where there is smoke, there will be fire, BNangkok Post, 10/20/2009.

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