Denmark - coming soon ban on hookah bars..

November 10, 2009 - Young Danes currently have the European record in hookah (water pipe, sheesha, shisha, narghile) smoking, but that may soon be a thing of the past. A majority in Parliament wants to ban what is seen as an addictive, sweet tobacco, according to 24timer.

“If I were to be optimistic, I think we will have a ban before the spring. Whatever - the ban will be a reality before Parliament breaks up in early June,” says Preben Rudiengaard, MP and Liberal Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee.

According to a study by the Danish Cancer Society, the risk of ending up as a cigarette smoker is three times as high for young people who have tried smoking a hookah, as for other young people.

This information prompted Preben Rudiengaard to ask the health minister to investigate whather a Danish ban could be introduced. Rudiengaard has support from a parliamentary majority. Both Danish People's (Dansk Folkeparti), Social Democratic (Socialdemokratiet), SF, and Red-Green (Enhedslisten) parties support a ban, according to telephone inquiries.

“The tobacco is more or less lured into the young people because the smoke is sweet and full of addictive additives. It is deeply unpleasant and should be stopped as soon as possible,” says Socialist People’s Party Prevention Spokesman Karl Bornhøft, according to 24timer.

Preben Rudiengaard believes that Denmark may copy German legislation. German politicians recently banned hookah tobacco by lowering the limit for additives in tobacco to a maximum of 25%. Hookah tobacco consists of 75% additives, and the German law has cleared shelves of the sweet tobacco.

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