Swedish Match takes over production and sales PMI's 1847 snus..

New Facelift:
November 10, 2009 - Swedish Match is taking over production and sales of the 1847 brand snus, on license from Philip Morris International. Simultaneously, the format and design of 1847, Philip Morris’s flagship product in the snus category, will be refined and its recipe enhanced.


August 20, 2008 - In October 2006, Philip Morris International acquired Swedish SNUS manufacturer Rocker Production AB..

1847 By Philip Morris is the first release for the Swedish market. Comes in a unique exclusive metal can with embossed details. Available both in original and white portions (The white-portion snus results in a slightly dryer pouch product with a longer-lasting flavor.)


Earlier this year, Swedish Match and Philip Morris International entered into a partnership agreement aimed at strengthening the global smokefree tobacco category. As part of this partnership, Swedish Match will now be responsible for production and sales of the 1847 brand.

“1847 by Philip Morris” under license. “1847 is a first-class premium snus and it is a privilege for Swedish Match to have been given the opportunity to develop and strengthen the brand. Our expertise and many years of experience in product development ensure that 1847 will be given the same high level of quality as Swedish Match’s other products,” says Anna-Karin Karlsson, Marketing Manager at Swedish Match.

Now that Swedish Match is manufacturing “1847 by Philip Morris”, the product’s brand image is being updated in terms of new packaging and design. To improve the product, Swedish Match has also refined the flavor and created a brand new recipe in response to consumer opinion. The flavor of 1847 in its Swedish Match version is described as a medium-bodied tobacco flavor with clear elements of bergamot, fresh herbs and dried fruit.

The new cans are available in stores from Monday, November 2, 2009. The old style was much better then the new facelift. What do you think??

For further information, please contact:
Niklas Trieb, Manager Media Relations & PR, Swedish Match Tel: +46 8 658 03 56, Mobile: +46 703 53 38 94, e-mail: niklas.trieb@swedishmatch.com

Reference: Swedish Match gives 1847 a facelift, SwedishMatch.com, 11/9/2009.