UK - NHS Trust - smoking your body takes a beating film..

November 17, 2009 - The NHS Trust (A National Health Service trust provides services on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS) in England and NHS Wales) had recruited the photographer Rankin to assist with the hard-hitting anti-smoking film, which was being used as part of a multimedia campaign launched in September. Rankin had co-directed the film with Chris Cottam, which shows a smoker suffering an assault from an invisible assailant as he walks down the street. (NHS - anti-smoking multimedia campaign starts..)

Freedom2Choose lodged a complaint against the material and upon consideration, the NHS Trust has agreed to remove it from all venues within the next two weeks.

VIDEO: Fight back. Quit now - take a look a promotion..

Phil Johnson, pub and club liaison officer of Freedom2Choose states, “I am thrilled about this decision as I have had several pub and club clientele contacting me and informing me that they had been abused as result of this material.”

Freedom2Choose will actively campaign against the abuse and hatred that individuals continue to suffer as a result of modern anti-smoking techniques.

Reference: NHS Trust Removes Latest Anti-smoking Propaganda
Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust are to remove all references of their latest anti-smoking campaign, ‘Fight back. Quit now.’
,, 11/12/2009.
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