U.S. - Lung cancer accounts for every 4th female cancer death..

November 16, 2009 - The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention said that lung cancer accounts for about 26 percent of all female cancer death. Cigarette Smoking has been playing the leading role in causing lung cancer deaths. About 80 per cent of the lung cancer deaths in women happen due to smoking.

Researches suggest that smokers are 10-20 times more likely to fall prey to lung cancer.

The American Cancer Society has estimated that as many as 103,350 lung cancer cases will be reported in 2009, with 70,490 deaths. Women cancer cases will stand around 5,370, which will result into 4,520 deaths.

Many experts want government to initiate a state-funded colorectal screening program and make law to that will require insurers to cover colonoscopies. Speaking his mind, state Rep. Henry Fincher said, “I think this is a logical, modest step where we can save a bunch of lives for a little bit of money.”

Reference: Lung cancer accounts for every 4th female cancer death, TOPNEWS.co.uk, submitted by Barinder Khatra, 11/15/2009.