North Carolina - Craven County Community College re-examines campus smoking ban..

Craven County, North Carolina..
December 15, 2009 - NEW BERN, N.C. — The tobacco-free campus policy at a North Carolina community college may be revised after complaints from neighbors that smokers are moving onto surrounding streets to puff away. The Sun Journal of New Bern reports that trustees at Craven Community College's New Bern campus are meeting Tuesday to consider allowing a designated smoking area on the school's grounds.

College spokesman Sandy Wall said that people have been walking off campus to smoke in the neighboring woods or along the road where they're putting themselves in danger from traffic. Trustees chairman Gary Baldree said some trustees want to keep the campus tobacco-free, while others want to create a designated smoking area.

A North Carolina statewide smoking ban takes effect in January 2, 2010.

Reference: Craven Community College re-examines campus smoking ban,, 12/15/2009.



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