Japan Tobacco (JT) - Mild Seven adding a new menthol and redsigning 15 varieties to keep domestic market sharegrowth..

December 17, 2009 - Mild Seven has been Japan’s No. 1 cigarette brand since 1978(according to market research conducted by JT). In line with the strategy to focus on three core brands including Mild Seven, JT is aiming to achieving a third consecutive year of domestic market share growth through the launches.

JT today announced it is redesigning 15 of the Mild Seven brand’s soft pack, box and 100’s box products. Additionally, a new product labeled as ’’Mild Seven Impact One Menthol Box‘’ is being developed. JT plans to launch the redesigned packages and the new product in early February 2010 in Japan.

The 15 products selected to be redesigned form the backbone of the Mild Seven brand. JT’s decision to redesign the packaging exemplifies the brand’s philosophy, which continuously evolves with the changing trends and times. The new designs incorporate a motif of a ’’breeze,‘’ aiming to visually convey a refreshing and upbeat sensation.

For more information on these products - please see the reference..

Reference: JT to Launch 15 New Mild Seven Package Designs and ”Mild Seven Impact One Menthol Box”, Japan Tobacco Inc., 12/17/2009.

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