Brunei - seems like smokers to avoid fines want designated smoking area..

June 23, 2010 - Bandar Seri Begawan estimated population 140000 (as of 2010), is the capital and largest city of the Sultanate of Brunei) - Designated smoking areas would help to reduce the number of people smoking in public areas, and the number of smokers being fined for breaching the Tobacco Order 2005, according to members of the public.

Brunei - smoking ban looks like it will work - ENFORCEMENT STRONG..

The Borneo Bulletin went out to interview citizens and residents around the country to obtain their views on the recent reinforcement of the Tobacco Order 2005, and there seemed to be a shared opinion that designated smoking areas would help the situation.

Hadi, a student said, "I think it's a good idea, but there should be specified smoking areas, and the fines for first-time offenders are a bit high. I think that people should get a warning, not a fine.

If they don't want people to smoke then why are cigarettes still being sold?"

One smoker who was fined by the Tobacco Control Unit for smoking in public said: "It's unfair because other countries have fines for littering but people can still smoke. Instead of an instant fine on the spot, they should give us warning beforehand. There should be designated areas for smoking."

A sales representative, meanwhile, said, "It's fair but I think they shouldn't make it so harsh because it's basically annoying the smokers.

"There should be smoking areas, because it would help to not alienate smokers from everyone else."

A member of the public who wished to be referred to as Anonymous H said: "I don't think it's fair without providing designated smoking areas for smokers. Instead, put up signs saying `No Smoking' and signs that say 'You will be fined' and so on. They're not giving us fair warning. Signs need to be put up saying where smokers can smoke. When they enforce it, they should warn us first and tell us they're going to start enforcing it, and let us know where we can and can't smoke."

George, a tourist in the country, said: "I think that it's a bit over the top. It's not OK to smoke inside public buildings and entrances, but outside there's plenty of room for everyone.

"At the -moment people don't know where they're allowed to smoke. It's not good to fine people when they don't know when they're doing something wrong," he added. "I think that tourists should obey the law just like locals, though it does make it more difficult.

"I suggest having designated smoking areas with signs that show it, and signs in areas where you cannot, with the information saying that there is a fine of 150 dollars for smoking in a certain location."

Nabilah, a student who does not smoke said, "Honestly I don't think it's useful, because people are still going to buy the cigarettes regardless, and they're going to continue smoking anyway.

"The non-smokers should walk away, they have a choice of going inside or outside the restaurant. Smokers go outside. There might as well be a smoking zone and a non-smoking zone, so they could then make their own decision."

Reference: Call For Designated Areas For Smokers by Danial Norjidi, Boreo Bulletin -, 6/22/2010.

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