Spain - ban smoking legislation wins unanimous support in parliament..

June 25, 2010 - The new legislation to ban smoking in all closed public spaces in Spain took its first step in parliament on Tuesday, June 22nd where there was unanimity in support for the proposal. (Spain - in June 2010 government will present a law to congress to ban smoking in closed public places..)

The Partido Popular however criticised the proposals for lacking ambition in the protection of health. The current draft of the legislation would clear smoke out of all bars, restaurants and leisure facilities, but would allow smoking in stadiums, bullrings and on terraces.

Also excluded from the legislation are some hotel rooms, smokers clubs and spaces where people are held against their will, such as jails and psychiatric institutions.

Minister for Health, Trinidad JimĂ©nez, repeated her wish to see the legislation come into effect in January next year. She said the unanimous support showed ‘political, parliamentary and social maturity’, and said the climate was ‘very favourable’ to go ‘even further and be more ambitious’, in order to reach an important public health goal.

Reference: Video - in Spanish Tough anti-smoking legislation gets unanimous support in parliament,, 6/23/2010.

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