Japan Tobacco, Inc. Zero Style Mint, company says it is selling well..

June 9, 2010 - Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) started selling its Zerostyle Mint in the middle of May 2010 and the company hoped that it will catch on among people who want to smoke but do not want to bother others with second-hand fumes. (Japan Tobacco - sales begin on new smokeless tobacco product..)

In around two weeks after its launch, the company sold 650,000 packs of the product. A pack, containing one product unit and two refill cartridges, costs 300 yen.

JT said Tuesday, June 8th it will double its production capacity of the smokeless tobacco it introduced last month as the product has proved to be a smash hit amid tougher controls on smoking. Zerostyle Mint smokeless tobacco, which JT released exclusively in Tokyo, has been scarce in shops recently, the company said.

JT now plans to double its production capacity from the current 500,000 packs a month to 1 million packs by setting up a new manufacturing line at its factory in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture. As a result, the supply shortage will be resolved by around fall, JT said.

The new snuff tobacco product has a replaceable cartridge containing tobacco leaves and a mouthpiece. A single cartridge usually lasts between half a day to one full day, JT said.

Reference: JT to double output of popular smokeless tobacco, JapanToday.com, 6/9/2010.

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