Swedish Match - Catch SNUS Collection GLOW now available..

June 22, 2010 - Catch Snus Collection was introduced last year (2009). The snus change taste three times during the year and each taste is available only for a limited period of time. First out this year is Mellow. “Many may raise their eyebrows when they hear snus and rhubarb in the same sentence, but with Catch Mellow we have really managed to produce a fresh snus giving spring-feelings under the lip,” says Robert Lundgren, product manager for Catch.

Catch Collection Mellow, has been available in shops from 1 February and remain so until week 20 when it is replaced by the next taste approach called Glow, with the taste of elderberry and lime. The third taste variety is called Ease and is flavored with ginger and orange. (Catch Collection Mellow - infused with a taste of rhubarb, Swedish Match, 2/1/2010). Catch Collection portion pouches are available in mini portions. A can contains 20 pouches and costs about SEK30 (30 Swedish Krona = 3.71238 US Dollar).

Catch Collection Glow has been available in stores since the middle of May and will be on sale until the week beginning August 16, when it will be replaced by Ease, with a ginger and orange flavor.

Our news brief February 10, 2010 entitled: More - Lorillard will launch new moist smokeless product in not-too-distant future.. indicates that Swedish Match sells its flagship snus brand General in the United States, as well as another brand called Catch. These were sold outside of the Lorillard joint venture and will continue to be sold in the United States. Swedish Match will also continue selling the moist smokeless tobacco products, such as its Red Man and Timberwolf brands, it already sells in the United States.

Latest Catch snus has flavor of summer, Tobacco Reporter, 6/9/2010.